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Metal stair parts not only decorate the staircase but also improve the look, feel and functionality of the area.

Also the iron parts add comfort and convenience to the staircase. The parts are durable and easy to install

Anyone can install the iron parts with few helping hands and tools.

We sell wrought iron stair parts of different designs and styles matching with different needs. Twist and basket, scroll, gothic, versatile and ribbon are some of the popular designs of our web store. Together with designs, we provide tutorial on how to use the parts. Our efforts are to keep things simple and affordable. We want to provide complete from selling parts to helping in renovating the staircase with new parts.

Our online store is the largest shop providing stair parts online with comprehensive tutorial on installation of the parts. Everyone from a homeowner to a builder needs these parts. The parts are needed for making staircases. Iron parts provide strength to stairs and also improve the look and feel of the staircase. We have iron stair parts indifferent designs and each part suits a need.

Buy matching metal parts for your staircase and decorate your staircase in the best possible manner. Match your needs with our spare parts and buy the best product. Whether it is home improvement or interior decoration, you will find our iron parts just perfect for your needs. We are here to help you in your efforts to give your interior a new look and feel.

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First and foremost, let me say thank you for taking the time to visit our website. We are a company specialized in supplying staircase accessories, iron balusters, maintenance and installation.

Although iron balusters, has been around since the 1970’s, their actual popularity have begun to go from the mid 1990’s. During the 1970’s up to the early 1990’s. The predominant material used for remodeling as well as new construction was wood balusters. The first introduction of wrought iron balusters was in the home buyer market. From the get go, iron balusters have succeeded in garnering the attention of people as well as maintaining it.

Because iron balusters have become of the hottest trend in recent years, many designs, coating and texture have been developed to innovate the scene of staircase accessories.

An important component of staircase accessories is represented by iron stair spindles. Iron stair spindles made of wrought iron often give a classy and elegant look. Custom design can make them look extraordinary. Often people go for the safest way and choose geometric designs since they work best with modern designs.

The advantages of using wrought iron as iron baluster is numerous. There are many other important benefits of using them apart from the obvious beautification. Iron is definitely one of the sturdiest material that is ever invented by humans. So, it is easy to imagine the strength they provide. In short, if you want to build a strong and solid staircase, you should consider nothing except wrought iron.

One drawback of using wrought iron in the old days was the probability of rusting. But in this ear, the rusting can be very easily prevented. Also, in most cases the wrought iron is treated beforehand to enhance its rust resisting capability. So, they can be easily used outdoors as well as indoors and the owner does not need to worry about the rain, humidity, snow or sun.

One other benefit of using wrought iron is their flexibility. You can easily find stair parts made by wrought iron in almost any store that sells stair building supplies. And they can be molded into almost any design you can think of. The diverse design of wrought iron is enough to impress any one. From the classical Victorian to the contemporary, wrought iron has it all.

In our online shop we have a large collections of iron balusters or staircase accessories that come with a variety of styles, colors and finish. From Black Iron Balusters finished with Powder Coated to Oil Rubbed copper finish.

Our mission is simply to provide the best products and service to our customers at the lowest prices possible. We take great pride in our company, our commitment to customer service and in the products we sell. Our online store is designed to provide you with a safe and secure environment to browse our product catalog. We will ship all orders within 24 hours. Satisfaction guaranteed